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These are sometimes interchangeable, but when you are stressingsimilarities between the items compared, the most common word is “to”:“She compared his home-made wine to toxic waste.” If you are examiningboth similarities and differences, use “with”: “The teacher comparedSteve’s exam with Robert’s to see whether they had cheated.”

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  1. U-M's Borges compares Gardner to RGIII

    'He's not really like anybody I have had,' Borges said. 'I've had so many prototype drop-back passers. He isn't like (former Auburn quarterback) Jason Campbell, who was athletic but he really wasn't a runner. I haven't had a lot of real runners. He's different. He's hard to compare to someone else. He's more like an RG3 type of guy. He's a little taller than RG3 but plays a lot like him.'
    on June 14, 2013 Source: Detroit Free Press

  2. Is It Time to Look at Casey's General Stores?

    The convenience store and gas station operator is growing locations and emphasizing convenience store sales -- but how does it compare to others?        
    on June 14, 2013 Source: The Motley Fool

  3. The Best Golf Courses Around Los Angeles

    By Daria Perrone for Fathom | Father's Day is around the corner, but any sunny day is a good day to hit the golf course. The weather usually cooperates around Los Angeles, but how do their courses compare to those around New York City and across the United States? You'll have to go try them all. A Club of Legendary Proportions Riviera Country Club, Los Angeles The Lowdown: A championship course ...
    on June 14, 2013 Source: Forbes

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  • Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

    Here is everything that we know about the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One and how the yet-to-be-released consoles compare with each other. Originally posted at E3
    on June 20, 2013 Source: CNET

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