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For most people you move an event forward by scheduling it to happen sooner, but other people imagine the event being moved forward into the future, postponed. This is what most—but not all—people mean by saying they want to move an event back—later. Usage is also split on whether moving an event up means making it happen sooner (most common) or later (less common). The result is widespread confusion. When using these expressions make clear your meaning by the context in which you use them. “We need to move the meeting forward” is ambiguous; “we need to move the meeting forward to an earlier date” is not.Just to confuse things further, when you move the clock ahead in the spring for daylight saving time, you make it later; but when you move a meeting ahead, you make it sooner. Isn’t English wonderful?

back Meaning(s)

  • (s) of an earlier date
  • (r) in or to or toward a former location
  • (r) at or to or toward the back or rear
  • (r) in or to or toward an original condition
  • (r) in or to or toward a past time
  • (r) in reply
  • (r) in repayment or retaliation
  • (n) the posterior part of a human (or animal) body from the neck to the end of the spine
  • (n) the side that goes last or is not normally seen
  • (n) the part of something that is furthest from the normal viewer
  • (n) (football) a person who plays in the backfield
  • (n) the series of vertebrae forming the axis of the skeleton and protecting the spinal cord
  • (n) the protective covering on the front, back, and spine of a book
  • (n) the part of a garment that covers the back of your body
  • (n) a support that you can lean against while sitting
  • (n) (American football) the position of a player on a football team who is stationed behind the line of scrimmage
  • (v) be behind; approve of
  • (v) travel backward
  • (v) give support or one's approval to
  • (v) cause to travel backward
  • (v) support financial backing for
  • (v) be in back of
  • (v) place a bet on
  • (v) shift to a counterclockwise direction
  • (v) establish as valid or genuine
  • (v) strengthen by providing with a back or backing
  • (a) related to or located at the back
  • (s) located at or near the back of an animal

forward Meaning(s)

  • (n) the person who plays the position of forward in certain games, such as basketball, soccer, or hockey
  • (n) a position on a basketball, soccer, or hockey team
  • (v) send or ship onward from an intermediate post or station in transit
  • (a) at or near or directed toward the front
  • (a) used of temperament or behavior; lacking restraint or modesty
  • (a) of the transmission gear causing forward movement in a motor vehicle
  • (s) moving forward
  • (r) at or to or toward the front
  • (r) forward in time or order or degree
  • (r) toward the future; forward in time
  • (r) in a forward direction
  • (r) near or toward the bow of a ship or cockpit of a plane

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