give it a go : Popular Idioms in English

give it a go

To attempt to do something

I've never golfed before 180 give_someone_the_cold_shoulder GIVE SOMEONE THE COLD SHOULDER To ignore or scorn someone Queenie couldn't stand working with Paul. He always gave her the could shoulder, refusing talk to her or look her in eye. 181 go_all_out GO ALL OUT To do one's best, often in an extreme fashion Wow

News & Articles

  • Beckham back, though not 100 percent
    Sox 2nd baseman's strained wrist good enough for him to give it a go against Royals Gordon Beckham says his strained left wrist is not 100 percent healed, but he was able to start Friday night's game against the Royals.        
    July 27, 2013 - Chicago Tribune