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In the US the term “minority” frequently refers to racial minorities, and is used not only for groups, but also for individuals. But many authorities object to calling a single person a minority, as in “We hired a minority for the job.” Even phrases like “women and minorities” bother some people. They think it should be ”members of minorities.”

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  • n  a group of people who differ racially or politically from a larger group of which it is a part
  • n  being or relating to the smaller in number of two parts
    when the vote was taken they were in the minority
    he held a minority position
  • n  any age prior to the legal age
News & Articles

  • House minority leader thinks he’ll be speaker some day
    by T.W. Budig ECM Capitol reporter Republican House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt sat on the farmhouse porch with a smiling … The post House minority leader thinks he’ll be speaker some day appeared first on Press and News .
    June 17, 2013 - Dayton Press & News
  • Development agency fills minority-business post
    Jacqueline Williams has been named chief of the Minority Business Division of the Ohio Development Services Agency. Williams comes from the Liquor Control Commission of Ohio, where she was executive director. Previously, she was executive director of the Ohio Tuition Trust Authority, the Development Services Agency said.
    June 17, 2013 - The Columbus Dispatch
  • Minority populations growing rapidly in Lafayette
    Minority populations, especially Hispanics and Asians, continue to grow rapidly in Lafayette Parish as well as across the nation.
    June 13, 2013 - The Lafayette Daily Advertiser