intermural vs intramural vs extramural :

intermural or intramural or extramural

“Intramural” means literally “within the walls” and refers to activities that take place entirely within an institution. When at Macbeth State University the Glamis Hall soccer team plays against the one from Dunsinane Hall, that’s an intramural game. But when MSU’s Fighting Scots travel to go up against Cawdor U. in the Porter’s Bowl, the game is “extramural” (“outside the walls”)—though the perfectly correct “intercollegiate” is more often used instead). “Intermural,” a rare word that means “between the walls,”is constantly both said and written when “intramural” is meant.

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  • s  between two or more institutions etc
    an intermural track meet

  • a  carried on within the bounds of an institution or community
    most of the students participated actively in the college's intramural sports program

  • a  carried on outside the bounds of an institution or community
    extramural sports
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