do respect vs due respect :

do respect or due respect

When you preface your critical comments by telling people “with all due respect” you are claiming to give them the respect they are due—that which is owed them. Many folks misunderstand this phrase and misspell it “all do respect” or even “all-do respect.” You shouldn’t use this expression unless you really do intend to be as polite as possible; all too often it’s used merely to preface a deliberate insult.

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  • Blackhawks ride grown-up Crawford into Cup Final
    Corey Crawford has carried the Blackhawks to the Stanley Cup Final, and with all due respect to the amazing playoff thus far from Bryan Bickell, it's Crawford who ought to be in line for the Conn Smythe if the Hawks can handle the Big Bad Bruins.
    June 11, 2013 - Daily Herald