deceptively :


If you say of a soldier that he is “deceptively brave” you might be understood to mean that although he appears cowardly he is actually brave, or that although he appears brave he is actually cowardly. This ambiguity should cause you to be very careful about using “deceptive” and “deceptively” to make clear which meaning you intend.

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  • r  in a misleading way
    the exam looked deceptively easy
News & Articles

  • Respecting the water: Lake, river swimmers must put safety first
    The summer of 2011 in Berks County showed how deceptively dangerous a river or lake can be for people ill-prepared for potential dangers while enjoying some outdoor recreation.
    June 18, 2013 - Reading Eagle
  • Every Child Millionaire Needs To Own a Pedal-Porsche
    Power Wheels? Yeah right. The real upper-class twerps set their sights a little higher, and pester hedge-fund manager parents for something along this lines of this kids-only Porsche . "It's oooooonly $900. Pretty please?" The deceptively named "Porsche Driver's Selection Go-Kart" is of the pedal-powered variety, and is actually a bit late to the high-class pedal-powered car market; Mercedes and ...
    June 18, 2013 - Jalopnik
  • Health Care
    Minnesota-based HealthPartners has developed a deceptively simple online diagnostic tool, called virtuwell, that has the potential to drive costs down and improve efficiency. Patients complaining of common problems answer questions about their symptoms online. Physician assistants sign off on treatment within 30 minutes, and patients pay $40 or less for the service, depending on their health ...
    June 13, 2013 - National Journal via Yahoo! News