altogether vs all together :

altogether or all together

Altogether means completely or entirely. When you want say something in a group then you say all together. For example, 'They got the participants all together at the start line of the race.' However, if you want to say that something is entirely untrue, you would say,'It is altogether untrue to say that we knew of the evil designs of the trickster beforehand.'

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  • n  informal terms for nakedness
    in the altogether
  • r  to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent (`whole' is often used informally for `wholly')
    it was not altogether her fault
    an altogether new approach
  • r  with everything included or counted
    altogether he earns close to a million dollars
  • r  with everything considered (and neglecting details)
    altogether, I'm sorry it happened

  • r  all at the same time
  • r  used of a group whose members acted or were acted upon collectively and when `all' and `together' can be separated by other words
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