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untenable untenable
/ən ˈtɛ nə bəl /


  • usher usher  /ˈə ʃər/ ?  Irish prelate who deduced from the Bible that Creation occurred in the year…

    usher meaning(s) 

    1. (n) Irish prelate who deduced from the Bible that Creation occurred in the year 4004 BC (1581-1656)
    2. (n) an official stationed at the entrance of a courtroom or legislative chamber
    3. (n) someone employed to conduct others
    4. (v) take (someone) to their seats, as in theaters or auditoriums


    usher usage(s)

    1. The University of Omaha's wide-ranging services even include the schooling of church ushers.
    2. He, if he be not boor, who enters a European theatre must tip the usher.
  • usher in usher in  be a precursor of
  • usher out usher out  end one's encounter with somebody by causing or permitting the person to leave
  • usherette usherette  /ˌə ʃə ˈrɛt/ ?  a female usher
  • ushering in ushering in  the introduction of something new
  • using using  /ˈ ju zɪŋ/ ?  an act that exploits or victimizes someone (treats them unfairly)
  • using up using up  the act of consuming something
  • uskub uskub  capital of modern Macedonia
  • usmc usmc  an amphibious division of the United States Navy
  • usn usn  the navy of the United States of America; the agency that maintains and trains and equips…
  • usnea usnea  widely distributed lichens usually having a greyish or yellow pendulous freely branched…
  • usnea barbata usnea barbata  greenish grey pendulous lichen growing on trees
  • usneaceae usneaceae  fruticose lichens having prostrate or erect or pendulous thalli: genera Usnea,…
  • usps usps  an independent federal agency that provides mail processing and delivery service for…
  • uss cole uss cole  a United States destroyer
  • ussher ussher  Irish prelate who deduced from the Bible that Creation occurred in the year 4004…
  • ussr ussr  a former communist country in eastern Europe and northern Asia; established in 1922;…
  • usss usss  the United States intelligence agency that protects current and former presidents and…
  • ustilaginaceae ustilaginaceae  a fungus family of loose smuts
  • ustilaginales ustilaginales  parasitic fungi causing smuts; sometimes placed in class Tiliomycetes
  • ustilaginoidea ustilaginoidea  genus of imperfect fungi causing plant diseases like smut
  • ustilaginoidea virens ustilaginoidea virens  fungus causing green smut in rice
  • ustilago ustilago  type genus of the Ustilaginaceae; genus comprising the loose smuts
  • ustilago maydis ustilago maydis  a common smut attacking Indian corn causing greyish white swellings…
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