Word of the Day
decadent decadent
/ˈdɛ kə dənt /


  • erotic erotic  /ɪ ˈrɑ tɪk/ ?  an erotic person

    erotic meaning(s) 

    1. (n) an erotic person
    2. (adj) giving sexual pleasure; sexually arousing

    erotic usage(s)

    1. Increasingly produced and read by women, erotic magazines aren't under the bed anymore.
    2. A blockbuster exhibition in Paris of the erotic art of Pablo Picasso is provocative and titillating-but ultimately unsatisfying.
  • erotic love erotic love  a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction
  • erotica erotica  /ɪ ˈrɑ tɪ kə/ ?  creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary…
  • erotically erotically  in an erotic manner
  • eroticism eroticism  /ə ˈrɑ tɪ ˌsɪ zəm/ ?  a state of anticipation of sexuality
  • eroticize eroticize  give erotic character to or make more interesting
  • erotism erotism  a state of anticipation of sexuality
  • err err  /ˈɛr/ ?  to make a mistake or be incorrect
  • errancy errancy  (Christianity) holding views that disagree with accepted doctrine; especially disagreement…
  • errand errand  /ˈɛ rənd/ ?  a short trip that is taken in the performance of a necessary task or mission
  • errand boy errand boy  a boy who earns money by running errands
  • errant errant  /ˈɛ rənt/ ?  straying from the right course or from accepted standards
  • errata errata  a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind
  • erratic erratic  /ɪ ˈræ tɪk/ ?  liable to sudden unpredictable change
  • erratically erratically  /ɛ ˈræ tɪk li/ ?  in an erratic unpredictable manner
  • erratum erratum  /ɛ ˈrɑ təm/ ?  a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some…
  • errhine errhine  causing nasal discharge
  • erring erring  /ˈɛ rɪŋ/ ?  capable of making an error
  • erroneous erroneous  /ɛ ˈroʊ ni əs/ ?  containing or characterized by error
  • erroneous belief erroneous belief  a misconception resulting from incorrect information
  • erroneously erroneously  /ɛ ˈroʊ ni əs li/ ?  in a mistaken manner
  • erroneousness erroneousness  inadvertent incorrectness
  • error error  /ˈɛ rər/ ?  a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention
  • error correction code error correction code  (telecommunication) a coding system that incorporates extra…
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