Word of the Day
ennui ennui
/ɛ ˈnu i /


  • captain captain  /ˈkæp tən/ ?  an officer holding a rank below a major but above a lieutenant

    captain meaning(s) 

    1. (n) an officer holding a rank below a major but above a lieutenant
    2. (n) the naval officer in command of a military ship
    3. (n) a policeman in charge of a precinct
    4. (n) an officer who is licensed to command a merchant ship
    5. (n) the leader of a group of people
    6. (n) the pilot in charge of an airship
    7. (n) a dining-room attendant who is in charge of the waiters and the seating of customers
    8. (v) be the captain of a sports team


    captain usage(s)

    1. The name of the tanker and its captain became synonymous with environmental catastrophe.
    2. British audiences were, titillated early this year by a new film farce called The Captain's Table, which chronicled the social perils of a luxury-liner captain adrift in a sea.
  • captain bligh captain bligh  British admiral; was captain of the H.M.S. Bounty in 1789 when part of…
  • captain bob captain bob  United States explorer who accompanied Peary's expedition to the North Pole…
  • captain cook captain cook  English navigator who claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain and…
  • captain hicks captain hicks  the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one
  • captain horatio hornblower captain horatio hornblower  a fictional English admiral during the Napoleonic Wars…
  • captain james cook captain james cook  English navigator who claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain…
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  • captain kidd captain kidd  Scottish sea captain who was hired to protect British shipping in the Indian…
  • captain's chair captain's chair  a wooden armchair with a saddle seat and a low back that has vertical…
  • captaincy captaincy  /ˈkæp tɪn sɪ/ ?  the post of captain
  • captainship captainship  the post of captain
  • caption caption  /ˈkæp ʃən/ ?  taking exception; especially a quibble based on a captious argument
  • captious captious  /ˈkæp ʃəs/ ?  tending to find and call attention to faults
  • captiously captiously  in a captious, carping manner
  • captivate captivate  /ˈkæp tɪ ˌveɪt/ ?  attract; cause to be enamored
  • captivated captivated  /ˈkæp tɪ ˌveɪ tɪd/ ?  strongly attracted
  • captivating captivating  /ˈkæp tɪ ˌveɪ tɪŋ/ ?  capturing interest as if by a spell
  • captivatingly captivatingly  in a bewitching manner
  • captivation captivation  the state of being intensely interested (as by awe or terror)
  • captive captive  /ˈkæp tɪv/ ?  a person who is confined; especially a prisoner of war
  • captive finance company captive finance company  a finance company owned by a manufacturer to finance dealers'…
  • captivity captivity  /kæp ˈtɪ və ti/ ?  the state of being imprisoned
  • captopril captopril  a drug (trade name Capoten) that blocks the formation of angiotensin in the…
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