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engender engender
/ɛn ˈdʒɛn dər /


  • ascension ascension  /ə ˈsɛn ʃən/ ?  (Christianity) celebration of the Ascension of Christ into heaven;…

    ascension meaning(s) 

    1. (n) (Christianity) celebration of the Ascension of Christ into heaven; observed on the 40th day after Easter
    2. (n) a movement upward
    3. (n) (New Testament) the rising of the body of Jesus into heaven on the 40th day after his Resurrection
    4. (n) (astronomy) the rising of a star above the horizon
    5. (n) the act of changing location in an upward direction


    ascension usage(s)

    1. I first met Hu Jintao during his visit to Washington in 2002, shortly before his ascension to the pinnacle posts in China.
    2. In political terms, however, the ascension has been less smooth.
  • ascension day ascension day  (Christianity) celebration of the Ascension of Christ into heaven; observed…
  • ascension of christ ascension of christ  (New Testament) the rising of the body of Jesus into heaven on…
  • ascension of the lord ascension of the lord  (Christianity) celebration of the Ascension of Christ into…
  • ascensional ascensional  /ə ˈsɛn ʃə nL/ ?  tending to rise
  • ascensive ascensive  tending or directed upward
  • ascent ascent  /ə ˈsɛnt/ ?  an upward slope or grade (as in a road)
  • ascertain ascertain  /ˌæ sər ˈteɪn/ ?  establish after a calculation, investigation, experiment, survey,…
  • ascertainable ascertainable  /ˌæ sə ˈtɛɪ nə bl/ ?  capable of being ascertained or found out
  • ascertained ascertained  /ˌæ sər ˈteɪnd/ ?  discovered or determined by scientific observation
  • asceses asceses  rigorous self-denial and active self-restraint
  • ascesis ascesis  rigorous self-denial and active self-restraint
  • ascetic ascetic  /ə ˈsɛ tɪk/ ?  someone who practices self denial as a spiritual discipline
  • ascetical ascetical  /ə ˈsɛ tɪ kəl/ ?  pertaining to or characteristic of an ascetic or the practice of…
  • ascetically ascetically  in an ascetic manner
  • asceticism asceticism  /ə ˈsɛ tɪ sɪ zəm/ ?  the doctrine that through renunciation of worldly pleasures…
  • asch asch  /ˈæʃ/ ?  United States writer (born in Poland) who wrote in Yiddish (1880-1957)
  • aschelminthes aschelminthes  unsegmented worms: roundworms; threadworms; eelworms
  • asci asci  saclike structure in which ascospores are formed through sexual reproduction of ascomycetes
  • ascidiaceae ascidiaceae  sometimes classified as an order: sea squirts
  • ascidian ascidian  minute sedentary marine invertebrate having a saclike body with siphons through…
  • ascidian tadpole ascidian tadpole  free-swimming larva of ascidians; they have a tail like a tadpole…
  • ascii ascii  /ˈæ ski/ ?  (computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by…
  • ascii character ascii character  any member of the standard code for representing characters by binary…
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