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Using the plural pronoun to refer to a single person of unspecifiedgender is an old and honorable pattern in English, not a newfangled bitof degeneracy or a politically correct plot to avoid sexism (though it often serves thelatter purpose). People who insist that “Everyone has brought hisown lunch” is the only correct form do not reflect the usage ofcenturies of fine writers. A good general rule is that only when thesingular noun does not specify an individual can it be replacedplausibly with a plural pronoun: “Everybody” is a goodexample. We know that “everybody” is singular because we say“everybody is here,“ not “everybody are here” yetwe tend to think of “everybody” as a group of individuals, sowe usually say “everybody brought their own grievances to thebargaining table.” “Anybody” is treated similarly. However, in manywritten sentences the use of singular “their” and“they” creates an irritating clash even when it passesunnoticed in speech. It is wise to shun this popular pattern in formalwriting. Often expressions can be pluralized to make the“they” or “their” indisputably proper: “All ofthem have brought their own lunches.” “People” can oftenbe substituted for “each.” Americans seldom avail themselvesof the otherwise very handy British “one” to avoid specifyinggender because it sounds to our ears rather pretentious: “One’shound should retrieve only one’s own grouse.” If you decide to try“one,” don’t switch to “they” in mid-sentence:“One has to be careful about how they speak” sounds absurdbecause the word “one” so emphatically calls attention to itssingleness. The British also quite sensibly treat collective bodies likegovernmental units and corporations as plural (“Parliament haveapproved their agenda”) whereas Americans insist on treating themas singular.

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