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Some people reason that since “RBI” stands for “runs batted in,” there is no need for an additional “S” to indicate a plural, and speak of “120 RBI.” However, though somewhat illogical, it is standard to treat the initialism as a word and say “RBIs.” In writing, one can add an optional apostrophe: “RBI’s.” Definitely nonstandard is the logical but weird “RsBI.”The same pattern applies to other such plural initialisms as “WMDs” (“weapons of mass destruction”), “POWs” (“prisoners of war”), and “MREs” (“meals ready to eat”); but “RPMs” (“revolutions per minute”) is less widely accepted.

rbi Meaning(s)

  • (n) a run that is the result of the batter's performance

rbi in News

  1. BASEBALL PLAYOFFS: RBI single by John Carlson gives Harbormen 2-1 win

    John Carlson’s tiebreaking RBI single in the sixth inning Wednesday night lifted the Harbormen over Masconomet, 2-1, in the state semifinals at Campanelli Stadium in Brockton.
    on June 13, 2013 Source: The Hingham Journal

  2. RBI takes steps to increase dollar inflows

    MUMBAI (Reuters) - The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Tuesday took measures to increase the supply of dollars in the market including asking exporters to realise their dollar earnings and get them back ...
    on June 11, 2013 Source: Reuters via Yahoo! Finance

  3. Suspected RBI intervention helps rupee recover from record low

    By Swati Bhat MUMBAI (Reuters) - Suspected RBI intervention hauled the rupee off a record low struck on Tuesday afternoon, reassuring a market worried by the central bank's earlier inaction as the currency's ...
    on June 11, 2013 Source: Reuters via Yahoo! Finance

rbis in News

  1. Diamondbacks Beat Dodgers 8-6 in 12 Innings

    Martin Prado had two RBIs, including a run-scoring double during a four-run 12th inning, to help the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 8-6 on Wednesday night.
    on June 13, 2013 Source: New York Times

  2. Norris' four RBIs lead A's past Yankees

    The A's recovered from their first back-to-back losses since mid-May to defeat the Yankees, 6-4, on Tuesday night at the Coliseum behind four RBIs from Derek Norris and six scoreless innings from Bartolo Colon.
    on June 12, 2013 Source: Major League Baseball

  3. Phillips posts 6 RBIs as Reds bounce Cubs

    Brandon Phillips hit a grand slam and matched his career high with six RBIs, and the Cincinnati Reds extended their dominance over the Chicago Cubs with a 6-2 win Monday night in foggy conditions at Wrigley Field.
    on June 11, 2013 Source: ESPN

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