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About rack vs wrack

If you are racked with pain or you feel nerve-racked, you are feeling asif you were being stretched on that Medieval instrument of torture, therack. You rack your brains when you stretch them vigorously to searchout the truth like a torturer. “Wrack” has to do with ruinous accidents,so if the stock market is wracked by rumors of imminent recession, it’swrecked. If things are wrecked, they go to “wrack and ruin.”

rack Meaning(s)

  • (n) framework for holding objects
  • (n) rib section of a forequarter of veal or pork or especially lamb or mutton
  • (n) the destruction or collapse of something
  • (n) an instrument of torture that stretches or disjoints or mutilates victims
  • (n) a support for displaying various articles
  • (n) a form of torture in which pain is inflicted by stretching the body
  • (n) a rapid gait of a horse in which each foot strikes the ground separately
  • (v) go at a rack
  • (v) stretch to the limits
  • (v) put on a rack and pinion
  • (v) obtain by coercion or intimidation
  • (v) run before a gale
  • (v) fly in high wind
  • (v) draw off from the lees
  • (v) torment emotionally or mentally
  • (v) work on a rack
  • (v) seize together, as of parallel ropes of a tackle in order to prevent running through the block
  • (v) torture on the rack

wrack Meaning(s)

  • (n) dried seaweed especially that cast ashore
  • (n) the destruction or collapse of something
  • (n) growth of marine vegetation especially of the large forms such as rockweeds and kelp
  • (v) smash or break forcefully

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