ostensively vs ostensibly : Common Errors in English

About ostensively vs ostensibly

This word, meaning “apparently,” is spelled “ostensibly.”

ostensibly Meaning(s)

  • (r) from appearances alone

ostensibly in News

  1. I'm Beating The NSA To The Punch By Spying On Myself

    We don't plan to stop experimenting, so we'll be continually updating this post. If you have any comments or suggestions, tweet us @FastCoLabs Last week, we learned that the NSA has been secretly collecting billions of phone records from major U.S. providers and mining the data, ostensibly to look for terrorists and other threats to national security. To justify these programs, the government is ...
    on June 13, 2013 Source: Fast Company Magazine

  2. First Watch: Low, 'Plastic Cup'

    In an eerie new video from Low, the band plays inside a glitter-filled snow globe, wearing period costumes, while giant, alien creatures look on. It's a strange interpretation of "Plastic Cup," a song ostensibly about a friend's history of drug abuse and dependence on others.
    on June 13, 2013 Source: NPR

  3. Syria: Inventing a Religious War

    Toby Matthiesen Bashar al-Assad is head of an ostensibly secular Baathist regime and many Shia think his sect, the Alawites, are heretics. Why then is Hezbollah fighting for the regime, and is this conflict really rooted in religion? The answer to both these questions may lie in a suburb of Damascus called Sayyida Zainab, the site of an important Shia shrine and since the 1970s a haven for ...
    on June 13, 2013 Source: New York Review of Books

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