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Something doled out in miserly amounts is provided in “dribs and drabs.” A drib is a smaller relative of a dribble. Nobody seems to be sure what a drab is in this sense, except that it's a tiny bit larger than a drib.Since the origin of the phrase is obscure, people try to substitute a more familiar word for the unusual word “drib” by writing “drips and drabs.” But that's not the traditional formula.

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  • TCA: Hulu Pitches New Seth Meyers Animated Series

    Hulu came to the press tour today to preach New Model and show off some of its new programming. TV critics showed up in dribs and drabs. Those who came stuck around until the final session — but that’s only because it included Seth Meyers and they wanted to ask him about — NBC’s Saturday Night Live . This morning, Hulu was pitching: * The Wrong Mans – a comedy/thriller from James Corden and ...
    on August 1, 2013 Source: Deadline Hollywood

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