Word of the Day
anachronistic anachronistic
/ə ˌnæ krə ˈnɪ stɪk /


  • infestation infestation  /ɪn ˈfɛ ˈsteɪ ʃən/ ?  the state of being invaded or overrun by parasites

    infestation meaning(s) 

    1. (n) the state of being invaded or overrun by parasites
    2. (n) a swarm of insects that attack plants

    infestation usage(s)

    1. Influenza, tertian fever, leprosy were all endemic, along with tapeworm and a mysterious intestinal infestation that made its victim long to eat earth.
    2. Two years later, we have a butterfly infestation: movies and TV are obsessed with stories about the random connections among vast, multinational and multilingual casts of strangers.
  • infidel infidel  /ˈɪn fɪ ˌdɛl/ ?  a person who does not acknowledge your god
  • infidelity infidelity  /ˌɪn fɪ ˈdɛ lɪ ti/ ?  the quality of being unfaithful
  • infield infield  /ˈɪn ˌfild/ ?  the area of a baseball field that is enclosed by 3 bases and home plate
  • infielder infielder  /ˈɪn ˌfil dər/ ?  (baseball) a person who plays a position in the infield
  • infiltrate infiltrate  /ɪn ˈfɪl ˌtreɪt/ ?  cause (a liquid) to enter by penetrating the interstices
  • infiltration infiltration  /ˌɪn fɪl ˈtreɪ ʃən/ ?  a process in which individuals (or small groups) penetrate…
  • infiltrator infiltrator  /ˈɪn fɪl ˌtreɪ tər/ ?  someone who takes up a position surreptitiously for the purpose…
  • infinite infinite  /ˈɪn fə nət/ ?  the unlimited expanse in which everything is located
  • infinitely infinitely  /ˈɪn fə nət li/ ?  without bounds
  • infiniteness infiniteness  the quality of being infinite; without bound or limit
  • infinitesimal infinitesimal  /ˌɪn fɪ nɪ ˈtɛ sɪ məl/ ?  (mathematics) a variable that has zero as its limit
  • infinitesimal calculus infinitesimal calculus  the branch of mathematics that is concerned with limits and…
  • infinitival infinitival  /ɪn ˌfɪ nɪ ˈtaɪ vəl/ ?  relating to or formed with the infinitive
  • infinitive infinitive  /ɪn ˈfɪ nɪ tɪv/ ?  the uninflected form of the verb
  • infinitude infinitude  /ɪn ˈfɪ nɪ tjud/ ?  an infinite quantity
  • infinity infinity  /ɪn ˈfɪ nə ti/ ?  time without end
  • infirm infirm  /ɪn ˈfɜrm/ ?  lacking bodily or muscular strength or vitality
  • infirmary infirmary  /ɪn ˈfɜr mə ri/ ?  a health facility where patients receive treatment
  • infirmity infirmity  /ɪn ˈfɜr mɪ ti/ ?  the state of being weak in health or body (especially from old…
  • infix infix  /ɪn ˈfɪks/ ?  an affix that is inserted inside the word
  • infix notation infix notation  a notation for forming mathematical expressions using parentheses and…
  • inflame inflame  /ɪnf ˈleɪm/ ?  cause inflammation in
  • inflamed inflamed  /ɪnf ˈleɪmd/ ?  resulting from inflammation; hot and swollen and reddened
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