Word of the Day
pacify pacify
/ˈpæ sə ˌfaɪ /


  • firecracker firecracker  /ˈfaɪ ər ˌkræ kər/ ?  firework consisting of a small explosive charge and fuse…

    firecracker meaning(s) 

    • (n) firework consisting of a small explosive charge and fuse in a heavy paper casing


    firecracker usage(s)

    1. Startled by what he thought was a firecracker, Abernathy looked out to the walkway and saw that King had fallen.
    2. Godoy said he first thought it was a firecracker until he saw the bodies.
  • fired fired  /ˈfaɪ ərd/ ?  having lost your job
  • firedamp firedamp  /ˈfaɪ ər ˌdæmp/ ?  a mixture of gases (mostly methane) that form in coal mines and become…
  • firedog firedog  metal supports for logs in a fireplace
  • firedrake firedrake  a creature of Teutonic mythology; usually represented as breathing fire and…
  • firefighter firefighter  /ˈfaɪr ˌfaɪ tər/ ?  a member of a fire department who tries to extinguish fires
  • firefly firefly  /ˈfaɪ ərf ˌlaɪ/ ?  tropical American click beetle having bright luminous spots
  • fireguard fireguard  a narrow field that has been cleared to check the spread of a prairie fire or…
  • firehouse firehouse  /ˈfaɪ ər ˌhaʊs/ ?  a station housing fire apparatus and firemen
  • firelight firelight  the light of a fire (especially in a fireplace)
  • firelighter firelighter  (a piece of) a substance that burns easily and can be used to start a coal…
  • firelock firelock  /ˈfaɪ ə lɑk/ ?  a muzzle loader that had a flintlock type of gunlock
  • fireman fireman  /ˈfaɪr mən/ ?  play in which children pretend to put out a fire
  • fireman's ax fireman's ax  an ax that has a long handle and a head with one cutting edge and a point…
  • fireman's axe fireman's axe  an ax that has a long handle and a head with one cutting edge and a point…
  • fireman's carry fireman's carry  the act of carrying a person over your shoulder
  • firenze firenze  a city in central Italy on the Arno; provincial capital of Tuscany; center of the…
  • fireplace fireplace  /ˈfaɪ ər ˌpleɪs/ ?  an open recess in a wall at the base of a chimney where a fire…
  • fireplug fireplug  an upright hydrant for drawing water to use in fighting a fire
  • firepower firepower  /ˈfaɪr ˌpaʊ ər/ ?  (military) the relative capacity for delivering fire on a target
  • fireproof fireproof  /ˈfaɪ ər ˌpruf/ ?  make resistant to fire
  • fireroom fireroom  (nautical) chamber or compartment in which the furnaces of a ship are stoked or…
  • fireside fireside  /ˈfaɪ ər ˌsaɪd/ ?  an area near a fireplace (usually paved and extending out into a room)
  • firestone firestone  /ˈfaɪr ˌstoʊn/ ?  a piece of flint that is struck to light a fire
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