Word of the Day
animosity animosity
/ˌæ nə ˈmɑ sə ti /


  • crazier crazier  /ˈkreɪ zi ər/ ?  foolish; totally unsound

    crazier meaning(s) 

    1. (adj) foolish; totally unsound
    2. (adj) possessed by inordinate excitement
    3. (adj) bizarre or fantastic
    4. (adj) intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with
    5. (n) someone deranged and possibly dangerous
    6. (adj) affected with madness or insanity


    crazier usage(s)

    1. If so, Parent must be crazier than most.
    2. If things seem crazy now, think how much crazier they will be when everybody is as wired as I am.
  • craziest craziest  /ˈkreɪ zi əst/ ?  foolish; totally unsound
  • crazily crazily  /ˈkreɪ zə li/ ?  in an insane manner
  • craziness craziness  /ˈkreɪ zi nəs/ ?  informal terms for insanity
  • crazy crazy  /ˈkreɪ zi/ ?  foolish; totally unsound
  • crazy bone crazy bone  a point on the elbow where the ulnar nerve passes near the surface; a sharp…
  • crazy glue crazy glue  a commercial brand of epoxy glue
  • crazy horse crazy horse  a chief of the Sioux who resisted the invasion of the Black Hills and joined…
  • crazy house crazy house  pejorative terms for an insane asylum
  • crazy quilt crazy quilt  a patchwork quilt without a design
  • crazy weed crazy weed  any of several leguminous plants of western North America causing locoism in…
  • crazyweed crazyweed  any of several leguminous plants of western North America causing locoism in…
  • creak creak  /ˈkrik/ ?  a squeaking sound
  • creakily creakily  in a creaky manner
  • creaking creaking  /ˈkri kɪŋ/ ?  a squeaking sound
  • creakingly creakingly  in a creaky manner
  • creaky creaky  /ˈkri ki/ ?  worn and broken down by hard use
  • cream cream  /ˈkrim/ ?  the best people or things in a group
  • cream cheese cream cheese  soft unripened cheese made of sweet milk and cream
  • cream of tartar cream of tartar  a salt used especially in baking powder
  • cream off cream off  remove from the surface
  • cream pitcher cream pitcher  a small pitcher for serving cream
  • cream puff cream puff  puff filled with cream or custard
  • cream sauce cream sauce  white sauce made with cream
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