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face the music

To deal with the consequences and reproach of one's negative actions
Tom thought that no one realized it was he who had broken the Miller's window. But when he looked out the peephole and saw them standing on his doorstep, he realized it was time to face the music.

face the music Meaning(s)

  • (v) accept the unpleasant consequences of one's actions

face the music in News

  1. Unfabulous Fab: Tourre Found "Liable" In Defrauding Investors

    Someone is going to face the music after all. It seems the SEC has its mid-level (non-executive) crisis scapegoat: *TOURRE LOSES SEC CASE CLAIMING FRAUD IN $1 BILLION CDO Tourre has been found guilty on 6 of the 7 cases - we await news on the financial penalties. Perhaps more critically, this finding (in favor of the SEC) may open the door for more lawsuits against Goldman with regard similar ...
    on August 2, 2013 Source: Zero Hedge

  2. Getting ready to fight the tax man in court

    Paul Feli hasn’t paid his taxes in five years, and now he has to face the music. He’ll be in county court at 1 p.m. Friday to try to stop the foreclosure on his house.
    on August 1, 2013 Source: Register-Star

  3. Time to face the music and do something to survive

    TIME TO FACE THE MUSIC AND DO SOMETHING TO SURVIVE Let's face facts folks. We are in trouble. Harry Reid is the worst Senate majority leader ever. Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) is the worst president in history. We are $18 trillion in debt.
    on July 28, 2013 Source: Bluffton Today

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