vhf vhf


  1. (n) a group of illnesses caused by a viral infection (usually restricted to a specific geographic area); fever and gastrointestinal symptoms are followed by capillary hemorrhage
  2. (n) 30 to 300 megahertz


  • The case of the Dewi Madrim, Tan says, is particularly worrying: "The Dewi Madrim pirates had fast boats, vhf radios, machine guns.


  1. Amateur radio operators train for disaster

    YORK, Pa. (AP) - Most veteran Civil War re-enactors and their fans know how important it is to remain hydrated while reliving a battle in early July. For those troubled by heat-related illnesses, there's always the Keystone VHF Club.
    on June 23, 2013     Source: New Jersey Herald

  2. Lifeguards Stop Runaway Boat

    Jupiter, Fla. - Two lifeguards jumped into action to stop a runaway boat  with no one on board  that was heading straight for the beach. Two lifeguards with Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue did what they had to to avert a disaster. A few minutes before noon on Thursday, they were in their lifeguard tower at Jupiter Beach Park, when they heard what sounded like a distress call on their VHF radio. ...
    on June 21, 2013     Source: WPEC CBS12 West Palm Beach


  1. "When we put that on top of an orange it became probably the brightest Christingle the world has ever seen," Michael wrote on his website. "We have also been singing Christmas carols to each other over the VHF radio."
    on Jan 3, 2007 By: Michael Perham Source: This is Local London

  2. "They have automatic weapons, 8 mm rifles, IED (improvised explosive device) and hand grenades, and have also two-way VHF communication equipment," Mr. Kumaraswamy said in his written speech.
    on Sep 5, 2006 By: HD Kumaraswamy Source: Hindu

  3. "Someone on a vessel near Inverness is listening to this programme," Mr Naughtie said. "The coastguard can hear you listening to the programme, but your VHF transmitter is blocking a channel used for emergency calls. So if you are on a ship...
    on Nov 16, 2004 By: James Naughtie Source: guardian.co.uk

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