twiddler twiddler


  • (n) someone who manipulates in a nervous or unconscious manner


  • The twiddler who can solve all six sides is known as a cubist or cubemeister.


  • Few moments worth relishing on Pup’s freshman album

    Pup Pup SideOneDummy Records ? (out of 5 stars) People keep describing Canada’s Pup as “bratty, beer-fueled punk,” but these guys sound more like Promise Ring disciples than devotees of the Germs or D.O.A. Not just in the bruised, sing-songy catharsis that marks Pup’s songwriting, mind you, but also in the slicker-than-refined-oil production, courtesy of Weezer Red Album knob-twiddler Dave ...
    on April 16, 2014     Source: Orlando Weekly

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