sympathetic nervous system sympathetic nervous system


  • (n) originates in the thoracic regions of the spinal cord; opposes physiological effects of the parasympathetic: reduces digestive secretions; speeds the heart; contracts blood vessels


  1. Through these lymphatic channels any infection of the neck can spread and affect the sympathetic nervous system which serves the neck and eye sockets.
  2. The medulla originally buds off from the same cells which provide the sympathetic nervous system.
  3. Emotions affect the skin by first disturbing the sympathetic nervous system, then the blood vessels, muscles and nutrition of the skin itself.


  • Friend or foe: the importance of managing your relationship with stress

    Like it or not, stress is a part of life for most. When our demands exceed our resources, stress can affect us in harmful ways. Under these circumstances, our bodies may react to stress by triggering the “flight or fight” reaction, a deeply rooted survival mechanism tied to our sympathetic nervous system that kicks in to protect us...
    on April 14, 2014     Source: Observer-Reporter

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