pontifical pontifical  /pɑn ˈtɪ fə kəl/


  1. (n) the vestments and other insignia of a pontiff (especially a bishop)
  2. (adj) proceeding from or ordered by or subject to a pope or the papacy regarded as the successor of the Apostles
  3. (adj) denoting or governed by or relating to a bishop or bishops
  4. (adj) puffed up with vanity


  1. Clement responded with appropriate pontifical pique.
  2. Archbishop Pascual Diaz, primate of Mexico, and Archbishop Leopoldo Ruiz y Florez, Apostolic Delegate to Mexico, were ready to celebrate a high pontifical mass.
  3. The pontifical commission was not alone in its sharp split over the official Catholic stand on contraception.


  • Papal menu planners try to keep it simple yet sweet for World Youth Day

    The bedroom Pope Francis will be staying in when he visits Brazil is a sparsely furnished one at the church-run Sumare Residence. The room is pictured in a handout photo from the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.
    on July 16, 2013     Source: National Catholic Reporter


  1. "As president of the Pontifical Council of Culture, I am honored to receive this donation from the leaders of Planktos-KlimaFa," said Cardinal Paul Poupard on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI during a recent carbon-credit presentation ceremony,...
    on Jul 17, 2007 By: Paul Poupard Source: SF Weekly

  2. "At the same time, a working meeting could be organized between your delegation and the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue" and other Catholic Islam experts, Bertone wrote.
    on Nov 29, 2007 By: Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone Source: Reuters

  3. Cardinal Martino, who was formerly the Holy See's representative at the United Nations, said: "The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace appreciates the above-mentioned statement, which gives a clear view of the Holy See's position on nuclear...
    on Sep 4, 2006 By: Cardinal Renato Martino Source: Zenit News Agency

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