pond scum pond scum


  • (n) free-floating freshwater green algae


  1. Under the microscope a drop of pond scum can give hours of delightful study.
  2. They just deny that natural selection alone could have driven life all the way from pond scum to us.
  3. Hulagatetexteekattest123 once again demonstrate how much lower than pond scum they actually are.


  1. 'Klan Kamp': Thomas Robb's training program for white supremacists in the Arkansas Ozarks

    The Southern Poverty Law Center reports on activities of Thom Robb, the KKK leader and putative Christian minister, who surfaces periodically like pond scum from his redoubt near Harrison in the Arkansas Ozarks. Call it Klan Kamp, a summertime retreat in the Ozark Mountains where, for $500 per camper, young and old can learn the fundamentals of the “HOLY mission of White Christian Revival” with ...
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Arkansas Times

  2. Spring runoff may fuel algae blooms in Iowa

    This could be another banner year for pond scum, state water quality experts say. “My sense is we are going to be seeing some big blooms of blue-green algae this summer,” said Iowa State University limnologist John Downing, a nationally recognized expert on the sometimes toxic blooms that can impair swimming, boating and fishing. Nutrients [...]
    on June 18, 2013     Source: The Gazette

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