permissive permissive  /pər ˈmɪ sɪv/


  1. (adj) not preventive
  2. (adj) granting or inclined or able to grant permission; not strict in discipline



  1. Leading foreign scientists have flocked to Singapore, attracted by the government's financial largesse and relatively permissive regulations on controversial hESC research.
  2. The Netherlands, with its permissive marijuana laws, may be known as the cannabis capital of the world.
  3. The Wasp is less rough and far more permissive.


  1. ACLU Sues Obama Administration Over NSA Phone Record Collection

    The New York and American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the Obama administration, challenging the constitutionality of the National Security Agency phone surveillance program. “The program goes far beyond even the permissive limits set by the Patriot Act,” Jameel Jaffer, ACLU Deputy Legal Director, said, “and represents a gross infringement of the freedom of ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Opposing Views

  2. Printed letters, June 11, 2013

    The most visible issue confronting residents and visitors to the Grand Valley alike is the constant begging, panhandling and harassment by one group of people or another. Panhandlers have become emboldened due to the permissive stance and lack of action taken by both the city and county.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: The Daily Sentinel

  3. Zoeller puts brakes on $5 license fee

    Seneca County Commissioner Fred Zoeller pulled his support from the $5 permissive tax proposal Wednesday night during a Seneca Regional Planning Commission meeting.
    on June 6, 2013     Source: The Advertiser-Tribune


  1. "When we pulled out of Kuwait in 1991, '92, it took about a year to get out of there, in a completely permissive environment, where we had some of the best ports and some of the best airports in the world to help us with the logistics," Gates...
    on Jul 14, 2007 By: Robert Gates Source: Chicago Tribune

  2. "Society in general has sort of been more permissive about being geekish anyway," says Harry Knowles, the self-styled Head Geek of "People sit around wearing Steve Jobs buttons, you know, 'cause they worship at the almighty...
    on Apr 9, 2007 By: Harry Knowles Source: Washington Post

  3. Minority New Zealand First Party lawmaker Brian Donnelly said the bill was "not about smacking ...... but the far too permissive levels of violence we mete out to our children."
    on May 16, 2007 By: Brian Donnelly Source: Washington Post

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