oversimplified oversimplified  /oʊ vər ˈsɪm plɪ ˌfaɪd/


  1. (v) simplify to an excessive degree
  2. (v) make too simple


  1. In this oversimplified polarity, Wyoming sits in the heart of that first gay America.
  2. To scientists, however, the nature-nurture controversy is oversimplified.
  3. But it was also clear that some of the heady findings from the infancy of the field had been oversimplified, and that later research has become more nuanced.


  • A Puffed-up Appeal to Job Fears

    A TV ad opposing the Senate immigration bill uses inflated numbers in an oversimplified, one-sided appeal to fears about job security. The ad claims that Congress is considering “adding 33 million foreign job seekers” when 20 million Americans can’t find a job. Both those numbers are inflated and misleading. Furthermore, … More >>
    on June 13, 2013     Source: FactCheck.org via Yahoo! News


  1. "Vicious attacks, distortions, political manipulation and spin become accepted," McClellan said. "Complex issues are reduced to black-and-white terms and oversimplified in the context of winners and losers and how they will affect the next...
    on Jun 20, 2008 By: Scott McClellan Source: KSBW

  2. "To me, it's a misuse of the initiative process," Beatty told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "It's a clear device to circumvent the Legislature and spend a lot of money on oversimplified descriptions of these propositions and hope that the...
    on Nov 1, 2005 By: Warren Beatty Source: San Diego Union Tribune

  3. "But it's a particular kind of heroism," adds Zwick, "that's actually counterintuitive. My characters tend to be reluctant heroes of the least prepared kind. The word 'hero' can be oversimplified, and what interests me are those people who...
    on Oct 9, 2008 By: Edward Zwick Source: Variety

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