overrunning overrunning  /ˈoʊ vər ˌrə nɪŋ/


  1. (n) too much production or more than expected
  2. (v) invade in great numbers
  3. (v) occupy in large numbers or live on a host
  4. (v) flow or run over (a limit or brim)
  5. (v) seize the position of and defeat
  6. (v) run beyond or past


  1. Neighbors complain that the games are overrunning residential areas--and that some organizers are running prostitution rings on the side.
  2. The repulse of the Ottoman Empire's army from Vienna in 1683, when Muslim hordes were feared to be on the verge of overrunning Europe, is still widely commemorated.
  3. With visions of the hoi polloi overrunning their dream resort, remaining members began to shy away, hastening the downfall of Tres Vidas.


  1. Billy Porter still kicking up heels after winning Tony Award

    June 14--Nothing much is different in the life of Billy Porter since Sunday. Sure, there are the congratulatory phone calls and texts overrunning his phone and the even bigger ovation at performances of "Kinky Boots."
    on June 15, 2013     Source: HispanicBusiness.com

  2. Congo M23 rebels: Govt has broken off talks

    GOMA, Congo (AP) — A rebel group in Congo that succeeded in overrunning and briefly holding one of the largest cities in the country's east is now accusing the Congolese government of refusing to negotiate at recently-reconvened peace talks in Uganda's capital.        
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Boston Globe


  1. Mr Miliband told the BBC: "In parts of the country there is a strategic stalemate. It is not true that the Taliban are overrunning our forces because in any conventional encounter they lose. But they are a terrorist, counter-insurgency force which...
    on Mar 20, 2009 By: David Miliband Source: Telegraph.co.uk

  2. "I just think he sprinted so hard off the bat and ended up overrunning it," Rockies manager Clint Hurdle said of Taveras.
    on Sep 20, 2008 By: Clint Hurdle Source: Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

  3. "We've talked about it and thought about it for five games now, so the fifth game we did it," Coach Phil Jackson said. "It was an idea that we better have this particular aspect right away, pronto, because Westbrook was overrunning our team."
    on Apr 28, 2010 By: Phil Jackson Source: Los Angeles Times

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