overpaid overpaid  /ˈoʊ vər ˈpeɪd/


  • (v) pay too much


  1. Like their American counterparts, Japanese executives cheerfully overpaid for their late-'80s acquisitions.
  2. The statement said the Vice President had overpaid by buying a Federal stamp he already possessed.
  3. With news that the government already overpaid for bank stocks through the TARP program, one wonders if they'll be able to ram this one through.


  1. Consumer Watch: How to avoid overbilling, surprise charges

    My son has just set up housekeeping and needs to learn a quick lesson in how to check for billing errors. In the past, he's overpaid some bills so I think this lesson is important. — Donald Dad
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press

  2. DeAngelo Hall was close to taking a year off

    Having already established that being overpaid once gave him a certain liberty, DeAngelo Hall wasn’t sure he wanted to keep playing football. The Redskins cornerback said that after being cut this offseason, he nearly decided to take the year off, before re-signing with them at a reduced rate. “I contemplated not playing this year, to…
    on June 15, 2013     Source: NBC Sports: ProFootballTalk

  3. Disabled retirees overpaid $559K by RI

    The organization that oversees the state’s pension system is considering seeking criminal or civil action against six disabled retirees that were overpaid $559,000 by the state, General Treasurer Gina Raimondo said Tuesday.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: WPRI Providence


  1. "You have to be responsible," he said. "The audience would be unhappy if they thought you were being overpaid. Look how the public reacted to, say, Jonathan Ross. If they're going to start cutting working people's wages, you can't say you're...
    on Jul 5, 2010 By: Terry Wogan Source: BBC News

  2. Mr Darling replied: "You were asking about repayments of money that has been overpaid. I think it'd be better that I make it clear that isn't going to happen. It will be necessary to adjust what's paid for the future. It does need to be put right...
    on Dec 15, 2008 By: Alistair Darling Source: Northern Echo

  3. "A lot of people were surprised that the president came to NBC. You'd think by this time he'd be tired of big companies on the brink of disaster with a bunch of overpaid executives," Leno said during his monologue.
    on Mar 19, 2009 By: Jay Leno Source: International Herald Tribune

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