outshone outshone  /aʊ ˈtʃoʊn/


  1. (v) shine brighter than
  2. (v) attract more attention and praise than others


  1. You know, normally politicians don't want to be outshone.
  2. However, these glory days have been outshone by its current role as a detention center.
  3. The sunshine of her shy smile outshone royalty.



  1. "Market enthusiasm for the Walkman phone range has far outshone even our own expectations," Sony Ericsson President Miles Flint said in a statement. "The time is right to release the next album."
    on Jun 14, 2007 By: Miles Flint Source: CNNMoney.com

  2. "The class we now honor responded to these tragedies with strength and dignity that far outshone your years," Bush said, speaking during commencement ceremonies at Bates Memorial Stadium, next to the empty lot where the high school used to stand.
    on May 30, 2008 By: Laura Bush Source: The Birmingham News - al.com

  3. "I remember in the aftermath of winning that was the most contented I'd ever been with a golf performance," said Howell. "That outshone beating Tiger. The Ryder Cup is brilliant obviously, but to win by five shots round Wentworth was magical....
    on May 11, 2010 By: David Howell Source: Sportinglife.com

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