outdrawn outdrawn


  • (v) draw a gun faster, or best someone in a gunfight


  1. For the past two weeks, in a turnstile war in New York City, the new league has outdrawn the old.
  2. After seven days, with another week still,to go, Martin Lewis had outdrawn such favorites as Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra to break the Paramount's record for weekly receipts.
  3. Yorty's target is City Councilman Thomas Bradley, 51, a black lawyer and former police lieutenant who had outdrawn the mayor 42% to 26% in the April 1 mayoral primary.


  • Premier League: How Tottenham Hotspur Will Line Up Against Liverpool

    Anfield will act as a last-chance saloon of sorts for Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday — not so much for the fight to finish fourth, or more likely fifth (which is still ongoing with Arsenal and Everton ), but more because the match against  Liverpool is Tottenham's last opportunity to salvage some pride in a season in which they have often been outsmarted and outdrawn by the sharpshooters above them ...
    on March 28, 2014     Source: Bleacher Report


  • "Boxing is being outdrawn by MMA in many cities," said Kallen. "This is the first one [in Northern Virginia]. Is it worth doing it again at this large of a venue? We'll look at the numbers and see what happens."
    on Nov 30, 2007 By: Jackie Kallen Source: Washington Post

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