opprobrium opprobrium  /ə ˈproʊb ri əm/


  1. (n) state of disgrace resulting from public abuse
  2. (n) a state of extreme dishonor



  1. Just because the gun runners have escaped prosecution does not mean that they can escape the opprobrium of the nation.
  2. According to independent media watchers, BBC's decision to send undercover journalists along with students to North Korea deserves strongest condemnation and opprobrium.
  3. The movement for same sex marriage has caught the imagination of all; some say the movement needs to be applauded, some say the movement deserves the strongest opprobrium.


  • The View from Nintendo’s Cindy Gordon at E3 2013

    What an E3. Sony came out swinging, all but weaponizing the PlayStation 4 with an arsenal of promises about used games, game lending and offline play. Microsoft spent much of the show deflecting media opprobrium about the Xbox One’s less consumer-friendly take on those points, wheeling out games, games and more games like a lion tamer trying to stay one step ahead of the lions. And Nintendo…well ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Techland


  1. "The court has received more than 150 sentencing letters in this case, some urging leniency for the defendant and some expressing opprobrium at the defendant's actions and calling for the imposition of a substantial prison sentence," Walton wrote.
    on May 31, 2007 By: Reggie B Walton Source: Washington Post

  2. "This unabated violence by the LTTE should attract the opprobrium of the entire civilized world. It is a reminder to the international community, and to the Tamil people, that the LTTE remains an organization dedicated to pursue violent means,...
    on Jun 26, 2006 By: Mahinda Rajapakse Source: Bangkok Post

  3. Cuban President Fidel Castro, a key backer of Ortega's radical government in the 1980s, said Ortega's win "fills our people with joy, at the same time filling the terrorist and genocidal government of the United States with opprobrium."
    on Nov 7, 2006 By: Fidel Castro Source: International Herald Tribune

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