oldish oldish


  • (adj) somewhat elderly


  1. Small, oldish President Baker resigned.
  2. In his new film, the King of Cads falls for an oldish woman.
  3. The orchestra's nucleus of 65 oldish players was periodically eked out by men on leave from air-raid and home-defense forces, as well as nine enlisted members.


  • Two Plays Show There's No Place Quite So Dangerous As Home

    Our houses are trying to kills us. Bathtubs drown us, showers trip us, errant toasters set the place ablaze — really, how can we sleep for fear? (Beds are pretty fatal, too.) And the threat isn't only physical. This week, an oldish play, Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House , and a ne...
    on March 5, 2014     Source: The Village Voice

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