oddness oddness


  1. (n) the parity of odd numbers (not divisible by two)
  2. (n) eccentricity that is not easily explained


  1. For Herbert devised not just a teeming universe but the rudiments of several new languages, and Lynch works hard to squeeze the novel's richness and oddness into 2 hours.
  2. But the brevity of the film, and the spectacular oddness of the creatures, leave you and, perhaps more crucially, your children wanting more.
  3. It covered a type of human behavior somewhere between mere oddness and out out insanity.


  • The JP Morgan Fine

    The JP Morgan fine and the ‘emotionally compelling non sequitur” that spills from the fining of JP Morgan for losing some money. Bloomberg’s columnist Matt Levine writes about the oddness of it all.
    on September 23, 2013     Source: LawFuel

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