oculi oculi


  • (n) the organ of sight



  • A genuine smile affects not only the corners of the lips but also the orbicularis oculi, the muscle around the eye that produces the distinctive "crow's-feet" associated with .


  • Google Glass: I’m Not Winking at You, Just Taking Your Picture

    It takes just one muscle, the orbicularis oculi, to wink — but not everyone can do it. I’ve recently learned, for instance, that my wink is more of a blink. This matters now that I’m using the latest creepy-but-cool experimental feature on Google Glass: Wink to take a picture . Google Glass, still something of an experiment (you need an invite to get a $1,500 device), is the wearable heads-up ...
    on December 18, 2013     Source: Mashable


  • "With the help of the Rockefeller Foundation we succeeded in transferring Okello Oculi to a major American institution - partly for a degree, but more importantly to save his life," Prof Mazrui says in an email that he comically titled, Saving...
    on Apr 24, 2006 By: Ali Mazrui Source: AllAfrica.com

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