octet octet  /ɑk ˈtɛt/


  1. (n) the cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one
  2. (n) eight performers or singers who perform together
  3. (n) a set of eight similar things considered as a unit
  4. (n) eight people considered as a unit
  5. (n) a musical composition written for eight performers



  1. And the octet learned from the natives as it went along.
  2. In his warscape, an octet of eight rambunctious Jews most of them American but a couple German have been set loose with the mission to kill and disfigure the enemy army.
  3. Before long, they swelled from a quartet to an octet, then to a chorus of 16.



  • "Some of the compositions that I've written in the past evolve in my mind a little bit over time," Holland says in a press release, adding that "One of the advantages of the sextet is that it's still a smaller unit than big band or octet, but...
    on Aug 30, 2008 By: Dave Holland Source: JazzTimes Magazine

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