occultation occultation


  • (n) one celestial body obscures another


  1. It is theoretically possible for an occultation of the sun by the moon to last as long as 7 min.
  2. The occultation was to start at 2:21.
  3. Only when the august Harvard College Observatory confirmed Taylor's calculations did the occultation of Regulus become a serious concern of world astronomy.


  • See Venus and the Moon Together in the Sky on September 8

    Sky watchers worldwide are in for a treat Sunday evening September 8, 2013 as the waxing crescent Moon passes near the dazzling planet Venus. And for a select few, the Moon will actually pass in front of Venus, in what is known as an occultation.(...)Read the rest of See Venus and the Moon Together in […]
    on September 5, 2013     Source: Universe Today

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