objurgation objurgation


  • (n) rebuking a person harshly



  1. Perfecting Verbal Abuse Reinhold Aman is the name in pejoration, not to mention invective, vituperation, obloquy, opprobrium, objurgation, abusive epithets and.
  2. The Klan would agree with him in denouncing all these objects, possibly qualifying the objurgation of divorce.
  3. The object of all this objurgation is one of unflappable Mac's most steadfast supporters and closest confidants.


  • What 'Maisie' Doesn't Know

    Francine Prose From the opening pages of his 1897 novel What Maisie Knew , Henry James merges the voice and the perspective of the author with that of his young protagonist, thus boldly circumventing any doubts about whether a child would use the word objurgation . Mixing dramatic scenes with long passages of narration, James is able to compress a great deal of information into a short space and ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: New York Review of Books

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