objectified objectified


  1. (v) make external or objective, or give reality to
  2. (v) make impersonal or present as an object


  1. I felt smothered and controlled by not only my contract and record label, but just the way that you have to deal with being objectified as a product.
  2. Women have been objectified throughout history.
  3. It has been tremendously externalized and objectified.


  • Renault Clio Ad Banned After Watchdog Deems It Sexually Provocative (Video)

    Internet Legal Politics A complaint with the British Advertising Standards Authority was filed after one YouTube viewer whined that an ad for the Renault Clio objectified women . The ad features two male drivers who push a button labeled “va va voom” inside the car, followed by a backdrop of Paris, a baguette seller, a couple on a date and Burlesque dancers. In another scene, a female driver is ...
    on July 19, 2013     Source: Opposing Views

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  1. Eva said: "I know I walk a fine line between being a respected actor and being what they call a sex symbol. But I've never felt objectified. Nothing you see me do is an accident. I might act like it's an accident but the opposite is true. I'm...
    on Jun 14, 2010 By: Eva Mendes Source: The Press Association

  2. "Children have no choice but to be in schools and we have to make sure that we offer them every single right to privacy and protection of their personal rights and that we don't allow them to be objectified or used for personal gain," Ms Pike...
    on Oct 5, 2008 By: Bronwyn Pike Source: The Australian

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