obediently obediently  /oʊ ˈbi di ənt li/


  • (adv) in an obedient manner


  1. The surgeons obediently described the operations to remove a polyp from his throat and repair an abdominal hernia, but their fill-in was far too sketchy for Lyndon Johnson.
  2. More appealingly, there is a vignette of the whitebearded Marx trotting obediently on all fours round his London home, ridden by a five-year-old grandson.
  3. The community obediently shut down its 400 local meetinghouses and dissolved the national and local governing councils.


  • Canines compete in agility course

    NILES - Athletes of all shapes and sizes obediently filed in to the Ralph A. Infante Wellness Center on Saturday, occasionally sizing up the competition with a sharp glance or intimidating grow.
    on June 23, 2013     Source: Tribune Chronicle


  1. "I never did anything in 13 years as coach and I accepted every wrong officiating decision obediently like a lamb. And now the federation is singling out one incident. I think it's completely wrong," said Magath, whose previous clubs include...
    on Dec 2, 2008 By: Felix Magath Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "Right-wing leaders vetoed Miers because she failed their ideological litmus test," complained Ralph Neas, president of People for the American Way, a civil-liberties watchdog. "With Judge Alito, President Bush has obediently picked a nominee...
    on Oct 31, 2005 By: Ralph Neas Source: Inter Press Service (subscription)

  3. "Like a whipped dog fearing its master, the Senate obediently complied with the demands of the White House," Byrd said. "Hindsight reveals the mistakes the Senate made two years earlier."
    on Oct 4, 2004 By: Robert Byrd Source: MSNBC

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