nonstick nonstick  /nɑn ˈstɪk/


  • (adj) (of surfaces especially of cooking utensils) permitting easy removal of adherent food particles


  1. The nonstick coating on the blade of Kuhn Rikon's knife, $12 in August, is tinted to match the handle kuhnrikon.
  2. The home store's kitchen line includes teakettles, coffeemakers, stainless-steel cooking sets, nonstick baking wares and stylish flatware.
  3. But that nonstick substance could be wearing thin.


  • Consumer Reports: Number One Pan

    Consumer Reports puts nonstick pans through all kinds of tests. Photo Credit: NBC 6 South Florida
    on June 20, 2013     Source: NBC Miami


  • "People are more and more interested in cooking, but are so busy they don't have much time to spend in the kitchen," says Pépin. "It's a paradox. What I try to teach is how to use the supermarket as your prep cook. A nonstick pan, boneless...
    on Sep 23, 2008 By: Jacques Pepin Source: Hartford Courant

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