nonsensical nonsensical  /nɑn ˈsɛn sɪ kəl/


  1. (adj) incongruous;inviting ridicule
  2. (adj) having no intelligible meaning


  1. In a volatile world, relying on foreign regimes that are not friendly to Americans, asking them to ramp up resource production for our benefit, that's nonsensical.
  2. Long ago, mystery added to the authority of Kings; now, the idea of monarchy is self-evidently nonsensical.
  3. I tune into E!'s Wild on the Adriatic, and everything seems nonsensical; I can't distinguish pixilated breasts from pixilated buttocks.


  1. Miss USA, Runner-Up Support Government Spying, DNA Testing (Video)

    Miss Utah, Marissa Powell, made headlines on Sunday night when she was asked about women earning less than men during the annual Miss USA beauty pageant. Her rambling answer was labeled the "most nonsensical answer in Miss USA history" by . However, it was Miss Alabama, Mary Margaret McCord, who sent a chill down the spines of some civil libertarians, noted . McCord was ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Opposing Views

  2. Miss Alabama Totally Cool With NSA Spying Because, Um, the Mall

    The second-most-nonsensical answer from last night's Miss USA contest, the winner of which gets to spend more time with Donald Trump, came from masters student Mary Margaret McCord of Alabama, who took on a thorny question about NSA surveillance.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: New York Magazine

  3. Warrior’s new football boots feature ‘gloryholes’

    From the company that brought you Liverpool's Space Invaders away kit comes a new football boot called "Gambler." Among the nonsensical features like the "ace plate" and "outsider zone" are the "gloryholes." Yes, gloryholes. And if the allusion to holes … Continue reading ?
    on June 17, 2013     Source: Dirty Tackle via Yahoo! Sports


  1. Cameron said: "I think this is wrong and it's the product of some completely nonsensical thinking, in my view. This man was convicted of murdering 270 people. He showed no compassion to them. They weren't allowed to go home and die with their...
    on Aug 20, 2009 By: David Cameron Source:

  2. "I find it ridiculous that this club who have given him his chance in England - and pay him very well I might add - are not being treated properly," said Bruce. "We are not being shown any respect, it is totally nonsensical. We believe he has...
    on Apr 5, 2009 By: Steve Bruce Source: AFP

  3. Cheney, in an interview on Rush Limbaugh's radio program, said of Pelosi's comment: "It was a non-statement, nonsensical statement and didn't make any sense at all that she would suggest that those talks could go forward as long as the Syrians...
    on Apr 6, 2007 By: Vice President Dick Cheney Source: USA Today

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