nonplused nonplused


  • (adj) filled with bewilderment



  1. The FHA, however, was nonplused by his insistence on building something other than a clump of high-rise boxes.
  2. Readers of the serious, scholarly London Economist were nonplused.
  3. Indeed, part of what makes him so phenomenally droll is the sense that three or four entire generations have passed him by and left his features mottled in nonplused fury.


  • Our Readers' Views: Questions on Common Core

    To the Editor: To say I was nonplused by the Monday, June 24 article (Huppenthal argues for Common Core Standards) is understated. I should have attended the meeting. Once Arizona agreed to accept money from the federal government for “Race to the Top” around 2010, we were put on the fast track to Common Core. Questions I would have liked answered are: var adurl = window.location.href; document ...
    on July 11, 2013     Source: The Sierra Vista Herald


  • "What I loved about the story is that because it was so whimsical in nature, I felt that Emerson was the only sane guy in the group," McBride said. "The guy is pretty nonplused about all these crazy goings-on. That's where the humor comes...
    on Sep 14, 2007 By: Chi McBride Source: Los Angeles Times

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