nonappearance nonappearance


  • (n) failure to appear (especially as at court)


  1. A couple of very old characters developed some new wrinkles: Harvey, who this week will make his 1,110th nonappearance in Manhattan's 48th Street Theater, may or may not.
  2. Among the many improbabilities of Taps is the nonappearance of that group.
  3. Though some railroads were affected in the provinces, the main results of the strike in Bogota were a shortage of taxicabs and the nonappearance of the Liberal newspapers.


  • Nashua Police Log for Aug. 21-22

    Nashua  Police Department AUG. 21 ARRESTS/SUMMONSES Shane M. Muldoon, 27, 77 Ash St., Apt. C, Nashua, two counts domestic violence: simple assault, two counts resisting arrest or detention. Crystal Ann Ortiz, 33, 3 Beacon Court, Nashua, electronic bench warrant: nonappearance in court. Christopher Consoli, 28, 3 Highwood Drive, Methuen, Mass., disorderly conduct, resisting arrest or ...
    on August 27, 2013     Source: The Nashua Telegraph

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