nonacceptance nonacceptance


  • (n) the act of refusing an offer


  1. One of the main planks in his present-day platform was the nonacceptance of the Dawes-McKenna reports on the ground that their conditions would overtax the capacity of Germany.
  2. It is nonacceptance of aging--one of the great obstacles to doing it gracefully.
  3. The nonacceptance of such a well-intentioned agency leads to the conclusion that solutions lie a long, troubled way ahead.


  • North Farmington parents: High school production of 'Carrie' musical must not go on

    North Farmington High's spring theatrical production, 'Carrie: The Musical,' has vulgar lyrics and a message of hate and intolerance and should be halted, several Farmington area parents say. But school administrators and others defend the production, saying the story portrays the tragedies of bullying and nonacceptance - and invites thought on how to better deal with their consequences.
    on March 9, 2014     Source: Detroit Free Press

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