noisily noisily  /ˈnɔ ɪ zə li/


  • (adv) with much noise or loud and unpleasant sound


  1. They jabber noisily on phones in public.
  2. He sips, noisily sloshes the wine along his tongue and, with practiced aplomb, spews a stream of Napa Valley Merlot into the sink of his wet bar.
  3. Some people get nervous as the MRI machine clangs noisily.


  1. Ricoh's sleek new 'desk edge' projectors declutter the business meeting

    MALVERN, Pa., June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Presentations are an essential part of the business meeting experience, but must the projector occupy the center of the table, tangling people and papers in its cords and noisily blowing hot air into guests' faces? Not if the projectors are...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: PR Newswire

  2. Blight persists on M.L. King as Bessie Smith Strut nears

    A sea of white working- and middle-class customers noisily chows down on hot chicken and catfish under the cool covered porch at Champy's
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press


  1. "Saatchi did not trigger the current enthusiasm for Chinese art," wrote Januszczak. "Instead, he jumped noisily onto a rolling band-wagon."
    on Oct 7, 2008 By: Waldemar Januszczak Source: First Post

  2. "There he is over there," Kerry said. "He says, 'Help, help, help.' And when a gull began cackling noisily overhead, he said: The bird is affirming what I've said. If you want a translation, it's, 'George Bush, make it happen.' "
    on Apr 20, 2004 By: John Kerry Source: Boston Globe (registration)

  3. Adam Hart-Davis, the television presenter and one of the judges, said: "The variety of subjects and styles was splendid, and picking the winners was, as ever, extremely difficult, with judges noisily championing a particular favourite photograph."
    on Aug 25, 2005 By: Adam Hart-Davis Source:

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