niblick niblick


  • (n) an iron with considerable loft


  1. He won nine of the next eleven holes, clinched the match on the 41st green by pitching a niblick shot dead and dropping the putt for a 4 while Watrous, on the green in 2, took 5.
  2. He studied the impossible lie, gulped and selected a niblick.
  3. She will then traipse around Sunningdale, Walton Heath, Hoylake and Ranelagh, humbly admiring his niblick shots and vocabulary.


  • The Morning Line, 6/13, Golf in a shoebox

    The Morning Man gets cranky(er) if he has to talk Club all day, every day, right off the top. So let’s go with another lead this AM. Gowf, as Shivas Irons would say. (What, you don’ t know Shivas Irons? You absolutely should, even if you don’t know a mashie from a niblick. If you ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The Cincinnati Enquirer

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