newsless newsless


  1. (adj) not having or receiving news or information
  2. (adj) not providing news or information


  1. The Big Three Conferees dispersed under cover of an all but newsless fog of military security.
  2. Democrats follow GOP by playing very nice in newsless -- if lively -- Des Moines Register debate.
  3. White House tells press corps to expect newsless week with the president on vacation in Martha's Vineyard til the 30th.


  • 10 Year Bond Shakedown Continues: Rate Hits 2.873%

    It's all about rates this largely newsless morning, which have continued their march wider all night, and moments ago rose to 2.873% - a fresh 2 year wide and meaning that neither Gross, nor the bond market, is nowhere near tweeted out. As DB confirms, US treasuries are front and center of mind at the moment.... the 10yr UST yield is up another 4bp at a fresh two year high of 2.87% in Tokyo ...
    on August 19, 2013     Source: Zero Hedge

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