newsbreak newsbreak


  • (n) a short news announcement concerning some on-going news story



  1. There Steve Early, who seemed destined to handle at least one more big newsbreak before he quit, told hastily gathering newsmen to stand by.
  2. Newspapers hopped gleefully into the controversy when they got another newsbreak: the resignation of one of CBS's most publicized newscasters.
  3. Chandler's daily compositionhe gets Saturday and Sunday off, barring a major newsbreaktakes him about two hours.



  • "Macasaet and Newsbreak based their reports on the alleged bribery from information obtained from their respective confidential sources. In short, it was professional call on the part of Macasaet and Newsbreak to run the story. This Court should be...
    on Aug 9, 2008 By: Antonio Carpio Source: ABS CBN News

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